Software Defined Engineer

Docker multi stage builds

With Docker 1.17 the long awaited multi stage builds are now available. It allows you to run several stages in your Dockerfile while reducing the size of the final container.

Kubernetes All-In-One in 10 minutes

Kubespray is a set of Ansible playbooks to deploy a production ready Kubernetes cluster. But we can also use it for quick and easy test/dev Kubernetes clusters.

OpenStack Nordic Days 2017

Last month I had made a presentation at the OpenSTack Nordic Day 2017 in the Copenhagen: How to get your private cloud project to take off.

OpenStack Days UK 2017

The OpenStack community is organising OpenStack Days UK on September 26, 2017 in London. I’ll be presenting how to work with legacy applications in the clouds (Room: London Wall @15:45).

VM live migration across the globe with Ceph and Openstack

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to migrate a VMs across the globe with minimum downtime? VM live migration across Openstack regions.